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App PE for All - preschoolers


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App PE for All - preschoolers with J&F materials

The subscription is valid for 1 year and belongs to the method Physical Education for All, the most used method in the Netherlands. 

This is an application of a contemporary physical education curriculum for young children three to eight years old. 

Its power lies in creating a rich play environment in a small space. 
Children are invited to move at their own level, speed and interest.
It is hard to stand still! 

With Janssen & Fritsen materials. 

Authors: Wim van Gelder, Bastiaan Goedhart and Hans Stroes. 
Translation by: Carla Bindels and Kitty van Keulen

To order

The prize of the App is 30,- a year
You can order in our webshop: order here 

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